Riding Charlie’s Crack

Charlie and Brandy are great athletes.  When it comes to riding they are some of the best and are an awesome team.


Charlie is a great downhiller and loves the adrenalin rush or speed of the descents.  So as a past ski racer I love it also and when I am fortunate to latch on to Charlie on the descents it is an exhilarating ride.


On Mountain bikes (Charlie above), I am to afraid of those speeds to latch on for fear of hitting a tree.  But on the road, I try my hardest to latch on.  Wow it is like downhill racing being sucked into his wake.  I get so close to be “sucked in”  that I call it “riding the crack”. – if you get my drift.

A recent example is: we were riding the “Blue Ridge Parkway” and we had about an eight mile continuous descent.  It was incredible as we were pulling “G” forces and angled side ways racing around hairpin turns.  We hit speeds of 50+ miles per hour and we could pass cars and in the past we did pass those same very cars.  You should see the expressions of those drivers as we pass.  It is not without it risks and is somewhat dangerous of course. If we had a front tire blow on a curve or the car put its brakes on or we hit a pot hole it would have been bad, but the addiction of the adrenalin is to great to give it up- it is heroin

I can only say, “sucking” Charlie’s wheel or “riding his crack” is an amazing thing wow thank you Charlie


The group above that made it all happen, made it fun and we all had a great time.  Do love that speed.  Wow