Half Century, Baltimore County

Wow this is a great bike ride.  Baltimore, Hereford and Hartford counties with rolling hills, beautiful scenery, nice roads,  English history and great flowers. Here are a few shots from our 2019 ride. Jim is smoking it 

Here is group photo from 2019

A ride shot from 2019

this year we went by the renactment of a World War 1  in some small town 

So here is the post from past years . We have a friend that has a very special home on the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania.  Every year he organizes a trip from Western Run road @ hunt Valley and we have a leisurely ride up to his smoking cool river front home. Here are some shots from years gone by!! Thank you Ken

The group below in Monkton



The route is through rolling terrine in Baltimore and Hartford Counties and it changes some times over the years.  It is a fun and an enjoyable time spent with friends. 



It looks like they are having fun above kicking butt and taking names!!  We pass awesome sights along the way, like the sunflower fields



Well into Hartford country and about to overtake an Amish.  MBO =  Mountain Bike Oregon and Mike loves the place and who would not!!!


Upon reaching Ken’s lake front home in a secluded and private area, we go swimming, sailing and water skiing.

Ken is an amazing barefoot water skier.  Not a photo of Ken but of my friend years ago but this is just to show you how awesome Ken is below

Batch Pict0272

That is me below sometime ago, I love water skiing 

Batch Pict0888

Upon completion of those activities we are provided a warm welcome into Ken’s home and we are provided the finest in catered food and drinks.


smoking good food


As the day wears on,  we have beer, wine and whiskey ( water is poison give me whiskey) and then we all crash in the lake front home. IT is a great event and one I always look forward to

Lets the games and party begin 
Ken, thanks a great time was had by all.  A few shots of the rides over the years below .  This year we came across the War War 2 renactmnet below and remember the sunflowers below.