Richmond to Williamsburg, 130 miles

This was a great 130 mile bike ride on a perfectly paved old railroad bed called the “Capital Trail”,  a top, “rail to trail” bike ride from Richmond to Williamsburg and Jamestown Virginia. The bike ride was monumental as we passed so many historic sites and markers along the way. We visited some along the way and it was like we were in a museum as we rode our bikes.  
We started in Richmond and stayed in the Graduate Hotel with a 16th floor pool that overlooked the city above . We dined at the incredible Bookbinders and had a scrumptious meal.  Great wine great food at Bookbinders  below
                                                                                             Bookbinders for fine dinning above!!  The next day we started our 65 mile bike ride to Williamsburg below.  It starts along a ship canal with incredible visions of the downtown.  We rode along the James river and there was great “art work” / Graffiti that lined the canal. 
   Above the “cool” graffiti along the canal section in Richmond.  The river also offers many opportunities to boat, kayak, and fly fish.  Huge Atlantic sturgeon make the way here and from here we followed the old canal to the start of the trail and we passed many historical markers along the way 
                                                                        I happened to bend my wheel, so Kul Wheel bike shop helped me enabling me to make it to Williamsburg
                                                                                                                                               On the way to Williamsburg and Jamestown, there are many plantations and one is the Shirley Plantation which has roots to Arden’s family. Arden is a direct decendant of Harry Lee, 1793 also know as Light Horse Harry Lee – the father of Robert E. Lee.     The Shirley plantation belonged to Light Horse Harry Lee.  It was closed on our way down so we visited the Berkley Plantation below which was the site of the first Thanksgiving and whiskey distillery with incredible gardens. From the Wedmere Plantaion.  From here we rode the trail and finally we reached Williamsburg. 
 Riding from the Wedmere Plantation above we finally came to Williamsburg and headed to The Williamsburg Winery which was great – below. We were staying in the winery’s hotel which was incredible. The hotel was like an art museum with so much fine art and decoration. Our rooms were to die for and we enjoyed the drinks food and pool .   

Above the incredible Wedmore Place mansion owned by the vineyard with photos of  it’s elegant rooms and fine art work.  Again my bike had a broken wheel, so Conte’s bike shop came to the rescue and fixed everything.  Fran the manager was so awesome and I totally recommend Conte’s bike shop for anything – photo below 
Below the next day we started heading home and we exited through the Vineyard and then Jamestown and the riding was again fantastic 
             Along the way we dined at a historic site called the “Court House Cafe” dating to 1872.  It was a great bike trip and I highly recommend this and some shots below