Mtn Bike

photo from Moab below,
Charlie above and Ted below they take it all to a new level they both are extreme
Ted below in both photos and that is why they call it Mountain Biking


This is the man that took first place in our group in Shenandoah 100 and it is Pat.  Wow he is awesome

We crossed streams and rode narrow chutes and rocky paths to finish the ride mid-afternoon and take a shuttle to Little Molas Lake

Charlie and Mike above and our group of locals below (john’s photo) from Baltimore



for our camp and a well-earned dinner. Our camp was high (11,000 ft) and arriving from sea level I could feel the effects in shortness of breath and slight headache.

Arising the next morning at sunrise and after a hearty breakfast, we started our ride along this western section of The Colorado Trail. This is some of the most beautiful single-track you will ever see.

How cool is this shot