44 day South America Cruise, 1952

March 1952 on the Moore-McCormack Lines a 42 day cruise.  My Grandmother, took my mom, shortly before she met my father, on a 42 day cruise to South America. An article was posted in the Baltimore Sun about her trip

Hilda (my grandmother) took mom (MJ) on a 44 day cruise

Grandmother (Hilda) on left and mom (MJ) on right

They sailed on the Moore-McCormack lines

and the ship was called “Carnival” named after the Carnival like parties.    

They left New York heading south and stopped in: Barbados and Trinidad. In Brazil they stopped in Bahia on the northern coast of Brazil as well as the regular places like Rio de Janeiro

taking the cable car to the top 

and Santos outside San Paulo.  While in Rio there they  saw “carnival” a huge party to the max

big turnout

Looking back through the monsters legs 


They then proceeded to Montevideo Uruguay and went to a very exclusive country club called “Cantegril Country Club (below) in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. It is still operating and offers: tennis, golf, swimming and so on – I have to go visit. Hilda (my mom’s mom) is in the center  below

along the way they enjoyed the fine attributes of the boat like exciting cocktail parties

having to much fun

wow a little too too much fun – I am telling your mom on you 

and fine dinners. Hilda, MJ was having too way too much fun = WHAT

Participating in plays the boat put on and having way too much fun. 

They might have a little too much fun

They would play volley ball and swim in the pool (mom on far side) 

mom get back in the pool now 


I think my mom won a a tournament – not certain what event it was but to much fun

they then proceeded to Buenos Aires in Argentina and visited some sites there


finally Port of Spain in Trinidad.

Along the way they had great parties on the boat, visited many cool sites, went to a very exclusive country club called “Cantegril Country Club in Punta Del Este, Uruguay and saw what looks to be like a “Carnival” like Celebration.   

Other photos below 

My Grandmothers certificate below and other photos below


I found my mom’s diploma  below yea