Thialand Raft


Back in 1989 on our bike trip around the world we traveled to Thailand for about 6 weeks. Part of the time was spent in the north looking for the heroin war lord Kuhn Sa.  I never got to interview him but did see some interesting things and did go river rafting out of Chaing Rai. We went on bamboo rafts and trip was about 3 hours long and very fun. Noi was our guide above.  Noi leading us above and below  

I was on another raft and my foot slipped through the bamboo and got smashed by a rock, always be aware.  Me below

we also did trekking below 

and visited an elephant farm and went elephant trekking below

Arden and I going into the mountain above on the back of the elephant and the farm they wee raised on below

We had a cool time, northern Thailand rules and is a must