Water Ski

For a few summers way back in the early 1970’s we did the armature circuit for water skiing competition. We did events as far down as North Carolina, Virginia and up in Pennsylvania and I placed 22nd in the Mid Atlantic Regionals.  It was a fun few summers.  We even made the FRONT PAGE of the local NEWSPAPER skiing NUDE!!

Wow these photos take me back.  Above is the motley crew: Bernie, Bob and David with our hot chicks.

Bernie below about to take off 

Not in the photo was Billy ( deceased now).  Billy was the KING of barefoot skiing.  See picture below.

We  would travel from event to event mostly doing slalom.  We all qualified for the Eastern regionals and back then to get into line off was significant.

Ripping the buoys is me above – Dave and Berni were way better,  Bernie below

Earl (Aspen) our very close friend below ripping the buoy ( far more recent photo) Earl skies to about 28 or into the 30’s of line off.  this is amazing

David went on to ski for a college ski team and did really well.  our friend who was a national champion and incredible jumper below 

We also started 2 ski competitions in Rehoboth called the Rehoboth open below.

This is Steve Judge above about to try his luck at the event.  A guy we called “Brown sugar”  would help by driving his boat.  Later we purchased a Ski Nautique to do the job.  “Brown Sugar” below


This is Earls Ski Nautique above and far mor recent above

IT was initially held at the “Water Holes” back by Rehoboth Country Club.

At the waterhole above and below.  Hot chicks always came to watch the event.

Then we moved it to “Red Mill Pond” where Rob Riley took out a lease an operated a ski program out of that place.

Me above and bolting in below


Red Mill Pond below

Rob Knee boarding above

Photos of our friends below Bernie and Allison below

Bernie below

Bernie lining up for a run through the buoys above

Billy above

Billy and Bernie’s dog Tucker above

Nice wipe out



The kid could barefoot wow smoking good skier and friends below David Scott one of my good friends (Deceased)