I have played tennis all my life and our mom was a driver in the tennis field as she was in the hall of fame for Tennis at Notre Dame Prep and she was the tennis star there. 

I played tennis and lost in the finals to Sean ONeil in the Junior High School championships and then played on the Towson High School Tennis Team and then Played on the Salisbury Tennis Team 

I was the Baltimore Country Club Tennis Champion or runner up in my age category for about five year and to this day continue to play “old Man” Tennis 

Here is a photos of Lissen Tutrone names as U.S> Ladies Doubles Championship with her friend Cat. 




Below is from the Grass Tennis courts at Baltimroe Country Club. We hosted many a great National Tournament headed by Hal Donofrio back in the 60-70 and 80’s unforntunalety I have no photos from then. Also I was a line judge for an huge international tennis tournament back called the “Grand Prix Circuit ” back in 1973 in Salisbury Maryland in the day of Jim Connor ok here is a photos from the days of the past