War Movies

Saving Private Ryan               Apocalypse Now                    Day of the Jackal Dances With Wolves

The Wild Geese                      Lawrence of Arabia               Brave Heart

The Guns of Navarro              Patton                                    The Wind and the Lion          

Reds                                         Apocalypto                                Band Of Brothers                  

Platoon                                     Chariots of Fire Bridge over the River Kwai

Deer Hunter                           On the Beach                           Bridge of River Kwai

Officer and a Gentleman        Pan’s Labyrinth                 Dirty Dozen                 

Saving Private Ryan             Empire of the Sun                Great Escape

Where Eagle Dare                  Das Boot                                  Battle of Algiers

Lone Survivor                         Inglorious Bastards Gladiator                            300

Full Metal   Jacket               Force Ten of Navarro             Men of Honor

Apocalypse Now                    MASH                                       Gladiator

Braveheart                              The Lion in Winter                  Lionheart

Comrades Almost a Love Story        Chungking Express            The Heat of the Sun Ashes of Time

A Brighter Summer Day         Flowers of Shanghai                Swordsman Shichinin no Samurai Cidade de Deus

Letters From Iwo Jima            C’era Una Volta il West            Catch 22

The Day of the Jackal               Twelve O’Clock High                  

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three               Saving Private Ryan         

Spartacus                               Pan’s Labyrinth Mash                                 Letters From Iwo Jima

The Lion in Winter                      The Longest Day                    Band of Brother