Russia by Viking River Cruises -Russia St. Petersburg to Moscow
Eastern Europe by Viking River Cruise: Bucharest to Budapest
South East Asia by Viking River Cruise: Southeast Asia
Burma by Viking River Cruise: Burma
Amazon: Mountain Travel SOBEK both Brazil and Peru
Baltics by Holland America: Cruising the Baltics
Holland by Barge: Holland
Inside Passage, Alaska
South Pacific, Wilderness Travel 22 day Wake of Bounty Cruise
Cape to Cape: Argentina to South Africa by Silver Cloud
Chile and Argentina: Mountain Travel SOBEK, Cape Horn and Patagonia
Seychelles Scuba Cruise on Pegasus
Zambezi Queen a Botswana Cruise
Andean Discovery on the Santa Cruz ship
Caribbean and or Mexican Riviera

Dal Lake, Kashmir India



  • Coral Reefs, Belize;
  • Zambieze River, Zimbabe & Zambia,
  • Monterrico Hawaii Biotope Reserve, Guatemala;
  • Channel Islands, California
  • North Shore, Molokai, Hawaii
  • Inside Passage & Nigu River Alaska / British Columbia and ;
  • The Tons River, India;
  • Virgin Islands, British and United States;
  • New River Gorge, West Virginia and Adirondacks;
  • San Miguel River, Colorado;
  • Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua island hop;
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Tuscan Italy Elba Sea by H2O Outfitters
  • Aitutaki, Cook Islands – Etu Moana;
  • Deschutes River, Warm Springs Washington;
  • Taveuni & Nayau River Gorge, Fiji;
  • Bouquet to Pacific Ocean, Panama;
  • Sun Cozy River and Karnali, Nepal;
  • Upano River, Ecuador;
  • Colorado River and Grand Canyon US;
  • Upper Mekong, Yunnan, China;
  • Blue Nile to White Nile, Ethiopia;
  • Kafue River, Zambia;
  • Futaleufu, Chile;
  • Colca Canyon and Cotahausi, Peru;
  • Middle Fork of the Flat Head River, Montana;
  • Rio Alseseca, Veracruz Mexico
  • Mozambique – Castaway Island by Extraordinary Journeys

French Polynesia
Bahamas, Mooring;
Virgin Islands, Moorings;
Pacific Islands, Tahiti –Moorings
The Seychelles, Island Hopping;