Aspen Home

My parents owned this incredible home:  Indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis court, steam, sauna, 6 bedrooms smoking cools below

My parents came up with a cool plan to host a party for  50 people from Baltimore.  

Everyday the would have golf events or tennis events or go hiking or jeeping and then in the evening go to the symphony and the party up


Ariel view of home below

So I was arriving after interviewing for a job in Hong Kong and flew in with a young Lady named Arden Lee.  I asked her to the party and the next thing she moved to Baltimore and we were married 

But onto the event/party.  It was amazing: horseback riding, tennis, golf, symphony in the afternoon and then the party.  WE would move it around and one night held it at a rodeo and it was great fun 


When they sold the home in the mid 90’s I told dad I was taking a belt to his you know what . Aspen is incredible