Dad served on so many boards, I can not remember them all but he was amazing:  Maryland National  Bank, Waverly Press, PDP Group, Nations, Bank of America, Rosedale Federal, Allegheny International, Kernan Hospital, Towson High School president of the PTA, Baltimore Country Club and National Junior Achievement Board and the World Business Council. HE also was awarded many times for his service and below are some of those awards like: Who’s Who from a few institutions, Young Presidents Association, Distinguished Service Award from Maryland State Squash and received awards from governors and county council and one was from Kentucky Governor.   He was written up and in many cases more than noted in: Baltimore Sun 1986, Post Gazete 1986, Business Week -1986, New York Times 1986, Valley News Dispatch 1986, Washington Post 1986, USA today 1986, News American 1979, Wall Street Journal 1990, News Week 1965. He was also a top athlete and was club champion for Bowling many years over a 20 year period and top golfer and tennis player in the local community. 


Club champion above in bowling 




Ollie was a member of YPO = young Presidents Association