Olliver & Tacie Lair Travers Sr., grandparents

Ollie Travers Sr.,  “Pa” my grandfather 1893-1975 was the father of my dad Ollie Travers Jr. (my dad) 2/10,1926 – Oct 23, 2019 was the 

Ollie Travers (my grandad) was married to Tacie Lair – 1895-1979

Son of Henry Clay Travers 1847 -1909 and Mary Rachel Wall. ( Henry Clay wedding certificate below, 1877 wow along time ago)



Grandson of Jeremiah Thomas Travers 1821-1885 – and Sarah Navey 1843).  Jeremiah owned Portobello the Plantation in Southern Maryland across from St. Mary’s

Great grandson of Matthias Travers 1755-1832 and Elizabeth Hopper, 1790-1847.

Great great grandson of of Matthew Travers 1697-1755 and Susannah Ashcomb.

Great Great Great Grandson 1672-1742 Mathew Travers & Elizabeth Hooper- Hooper island

Great great great great grandson of William travers 1640-1701 Gentleman and Merchant and Elizabeth Chapline (Elizabeth was the daughter of William and Mary Hooper)

Jeremiah owned the plantation Porto Bello below located in St. Mary’s City and it was named after Porto Bello in England where they did trading and Porto Bello got bombed in the War of 1812 and it is awesome 


PA was in the military service and he saw a lot of action and in one of his meetings on the front lines half of his men were killed. He served in the rainbow division and here are some medals 





Pa died April 2nd 1975 and Ma died a few years later