Robert Travers

Arden and I have always embraced C.H.I.P.S .  CHIPS stands for 

  • C. = Commitment; commitment to ones family, community, causes, Job
  • H. & I. = Honesty and Integrity without reproach
  • P. =  prerfomanace at the highest levels, and winning is the goal
  • S. = Service to ones community

Arden and I believe that service is the most important and so will start with our embracing of Service non stop from about 1980 onward. 

  • volunteer tennis coach for a Baltimore County Tennis summer program at the public School system about 1970
  •  volunteer under Mrs Scheeler at the Goucher White Elephant Sale helping run a kiosk about 1978
  • board member of Historic Hampton Hampton, a private non profit entity associated with the Hampton mansion for 4 years as head of Fundraising starting about 1982
  • Board member and Chairman of transportation for the World Lacrosse Games 1982
  • Committee member for the Baltimore Country Club Squash Committee, about 1982
  •  Volunteer from Mid to late 1980’s was a volunteer for the MSSRA helping run tournaments 
  • Teacher Volunteer in teaching lab for 2 semesters at Towson State 1986
  • Teacher volunteer at Catonsville Community for Finance 1994 
  • Teacher for after kids program at the Korean Church on Seminary about 1993-4 for 1 or 2 semesters
  • Captain and volunteer manager of the Fitzgerald Cup for Ambassador William H. G. Fitzgerald representing the great State of Maryland from 1982 – 2012
  • President of the Maryland State Squash around 1992 and again about 2000
  • Board member of Maryland State Squash from 1992 to current 
  • Team member with Arden to raise fund for the Leukemia Society with Bruce Clealand as our team leader. The skate race was 90 mile and the team (mostly from Bruce) raised about $1,000,000 yes about $1 million over those 8 years around 1998 to 2006
  • Mentor and advisor Volunteer for Gifted and Talented kids at Dulaney High School about 2012
  • Co- Chairman for committee that ran the USSRA National Doubles Championships for three National Doubles Championships
  • Officer of the MSSRA and created with John and Bob the: Hall of Fame, Impact Award, and ran 3 National Squash Doubles Tournaments as co-chair with John
  • Through Catholic Charities have help build homes in Africa through donations 

In Closing it is a gift from God to serve your fellow man, animals, the environment and whatever great causes are out there