Robert Travers

Arden and I have always embraced C.H.I.P.S .  CHIPS stands for 

  • C. = Commitment; commitment to ones: goals, causes, family, community, jobs
  • H. & I. = Honesty and Integrity without reproach
  • P. =  prerfomanace at the highest levels, and winning is the goal
  • S. = Service to ones community

Arden and I believe that service is the most important and so will start with our embracing of Service non stop from about 1980 onward. Please see tab on left for service awards 

In Closing it is a gift from God to serve your fellow man, animals, the environment and whatever great causes are out there .  Ok on to my story

We grew up in Summer Hill below and was built after a castle in England

Tom on Left and me on right 

Mabel and Author and Dave and Mary were are live in Servants. The photo below is from the back side and Mable and Author lived on the right side on the 3rd floor and they were great and helped raise us

I loved Mabel and Author and Dave and Mary they were so special and Author is below 

The home was really nice on about 20 acres and on Loch Raven watershed. We had really nice parties growing up as children below

My grandparents below Ma and Pa Travers.  By this time in Life the Schenuit grandparents had died 


From Summer Hill we moved into a really nice rather large stone home in Hampton and from there to this exquisite home called Wyndon below.  It had about 8 fireplaces with marble from Italy and five main bedrooms with four servant quarters.  It is on Loch Raven as well and boy did we have some parties 

All the rooms were formal and there was an incredible library and ballroom on the first floor and an Otis elevator that took one to the third floor ballroom .  The dinning room below 

So we grew up and things were formal below

Entering High School and was on tennis team and ski teams below 


AS I was a skier I traveled to Switzerland back in 1968 to ski Bad Scoul






WE grew up in Summer Hill