I have ben to France on a few occasions as part of my masters degree, but this post is about my parens trip there as it is far more beautiful.  Back in 1994 my parents went to Switzerland and France and while there they visited some great friends. They went to Paris and stayed in the Itern-Continental Hotel a great hotel and perfectly located 

They offered many fine attributes like fine dinning and exceptional rooms and library and the elegance was amazing

They took a a boat up the Seine 

And Later they visited Notre Dame Cathedral 


The Notre Dame Cathedral is located on its own small Island and is incredible

From here they went to the Eiffel Tower

and what a view from the top 


From here they went to and toured Versailles and it is a palace, Mansion and Museum

with beautiful gardens and the inside of the Mansion is filled with beautiful art 

then they came home as all things come to a close