St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an incredible city , one of the finest in the world and is filled with canals and bridges. The places to see (on left tab gives detail) are: The Hermitage, Peterhof’s Grand Palace, Catherine’s palace, Mariinsky Theatre, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Palace, Church of the Resurrection of Christ, Yusupov Palace, Kunstkamera Museum

We visited St. Petersburg compliments of Viking River Cruise and we would recommend them.

While there we took a midnight cruise through the canals with the famous bridges raised at midnight.  St. Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North.  It is one of the finest towns of the world and one should visit:  (photos below)

We also took an afternoon trip on the canals to some historic places 


While in St. petersburg we visited these historic sites The famous Hermitage below filled with incredible art below

Next Stop was Peterhof’s Palace or the Grand Palace with its incredible fountains

From here we visited the incredible CAtherine’s Palace and a palace it was

while there we saw Rasputin’s room below

We visited the Mariinsky Theater and had a grand time at an opera

We visited St. Isaac’s Cathedral


We also visited other very historic sites like Makhailovsky Palace, Church of the Resurrection of Christ and Yusupov Palace some various photos below

I would highly recommend using Viking River Cruise for this adventure and here are some shots below of the boat.



A great time was had by all