My Lover

The light hung low, the sky was leaden gray on this wintery Sunday afternoon, it was bone cold. The snow was thick and the wind was blowing it around in swirls, like a ghost dancer moving across the wind swept hard land of winter. The dark green pines were stiff in their slumber and were blanketed in a coat of white snow that weighed heavily on their bowed arms.  The pewter sky absorbed all that moved and nothing spoke from the sleepy forest.

I lay peacefully on the old couch across from the warm fire and watched it’s orange glow run towards me as it carpeted the cozy room in a soft amber light.  I was engaging an old leather bound book worn smooth to the touch from its old age.  I was well into the book when pleasant memories of my lover flowed to me like a cascading mountain stream in spring time as it rushed through the verdant valley floor .

I thought of my lover and how long it had been since the last time we embraced.  I longed to be held in her arms.  I wished to take that ride with my baby down that cool country lane that meanders for days to get lost in the mid-summer haze of contentment. My blood pulsed through my veins with the thought of our embrace.  We drank from the cup of life and our blood flowed together.  She held me tight and I was filled with a warmth only a lover can know and I was consumed as we lay down together our bodies entwined in pure blissfulness, I was content.

As my heavy eyes were falling, the orange glow from the warm golden fire shrouded us in its warmth.  The sharp crackle of the wood fire was now peacefully muffled, it was all soft and dream like.  The music filled the room with hypnotic syncopation.  My veins coursed throughout my body in a warmth one can not know, my heart was happy, my mind content, I found nirvana and feel into a deep peaceful dream state.  When I woke my lover was gone, I was cold but I knew we would meet again.