Violence of the Sun

Remember to bring the violence of the sun to bear on your enemies.  Mount your winged steads that spray fire and brimstone and with your flaming sword held high to light the way, Bring the Violence of the Sun to bear on your enemies on the hard land of winter where the shadows run from themselves.  Slay them all until the rivers run crimson with your enemies blood and hold the severed head of the beast on high for all to see and then you can take flight to sail through the window behind the stars to live in eternities sunrise.

When Responding to Violence with Violence: Most of the time this should only happen if you feel your life is in jeopardy and there is no way out. So try to develop a plan and when you feel it is the right time, put it into use with all the violence you can manage. If one is familiar with guns and can secure a gun then use it to your upmost ability taking out everyone without remorse. This will require the ability to make split-second decisions and a rapid and a precise application of lethal force. Basically this is a high-intensity conflict, characterized by sudden violence at close range. Now if one is lucky to pull this off, then hopefully you have planned how the hell you are going to get away from the area of conflict to a safe haven. Time and distance and food and water will factor in here as well as the unknown surrounding. If you get out you are lucky. Better to go down taking some of the enemy as well- bastards. If you gain control of a gun, know before hand, what kind it is like: a bolt action, semi-auto or fully auto, know how to chamber a round, how the safety woks, how to kill. Go for the center of the body and then the head, be slow and meticulous in your work and kill them all without remorse – it will feel good at the end of the day.  If you gain the upper hand get away immediately and again waste them all.