Summer Hill

Now how is that for a starter home back in about 1955 we moved into this fantastic home called Summerhill and it was built after a castle in Britian 


Yea that is what I am talking about 

We grew up in a strict religious household but did have fun in all the correct ways 


The extended family below: The Thompson’s and Spillmans = Cousins and Aunts and Uncles

Not a bad looking group

My parents hosted many elegant parties for their friends whee we had fine dinning every night. I love Mable and Author our maids and servants and they were so great and lived with us full time.

They hosted great parties

 MJ below on right 

And they had great music for their guests 

At Times they would rent this boat from John Voneiff’s Uncle and have superb parties – party up

After one year of marriage they started to have children: Bob, Tom Jean and Joan

and my parents hosted great parties for we children as well.  At Summer Hill we had live in uniformed staff,  Mable and Arthur and they were awesome.  They lived in our home and we were blessed and Dave and Mary came years later.  Photo below of we four kids, Sun Bonnet our horse and Arthur 

That is Author below and he was awesome and helped raise us 

Another photos of our horse below

WE had great birthday parties below and rode horse above during the parties 

WE had great Christmas

WE had great Easters

And we had Gretel our dog and she was awesome below

Various photos from that era of family