Pannoahalma Archabbey

We started with a ride to and a visit of The Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey. Below


It is the most notable landmark in Pannonhalma and one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary, founded in 996.


It is located near the town, on top of a hill . Saint Martin of Tours is believed to have been born at the foot of this hill, hence its former name, Mount of Saint Martin from which the monastery occasionally took the alternative name of Márton-hegyi Apátság.

This is the second largest abbey in the world, after the one in Monte Cassino.

Its notable sights include the Basilica with the Crypt (built in the 13th century), the Cloisters, the monumental Library with 360,000 volumes below,


The library above

The Baroque Refectory (with several examples of trompe l’oeil) and the Archabbey Collection (the second biggest in the country). Today there are about 50 monks living in the monastery.

frescos on the ceiling above were awesome below


The inside below




Art pieces inside below




Wow the art on the inside including stained glass windows (above) was over the top


The abbey is supplemented by the Benedictine High School, a boys’ boarding school. From here we went to Buddapest.