Chris Wedding, May 1993

Mj and I went to Chris and Veronique’s wedding in Switzerland in 1993 and they hit the big press here


Arriving in Arbaz Switzerland below for the wedding 

Veronique is on the Swiss Ski team and her team mates held skis as she exited the church

What a couple then

and today

They had a great reception immediately following the Church wedding 

Mj and I were picked up in sion Switzerland after getting off the train in Sion and taken to the ski village of Anzere and what a cute town

The gentle slopes and babbling waters have made the area popular as walking and biking trails from Chris’s home, including the three-hour tour from Anzère to the reservoir at Tseuzier (and beyond via the Rawil Pass to Lenk in the Bernese Oberland).

WE did very minor hiking and Howe Burch attended with us.

There are mountain trails up to the Wildhorn Glacier at 3247 m, and a total of 166 km of marked footpaths in the region. Anzère in summertime also offers 4 marked routes (80 km) for cross-country mountain bikers and 1 downhill mountain bike runs, climbing, riding, fishing, a hang-gliding school, mountain huts, tennis courts, minigolf, volleyball, football and a giant children’s playground. Close by are wine cellars, golf courses, thermal baths and an observatory. From here we traveled to the town of the wedding called Arbaz where we met all the attendees and their family.   

The wedding was in a beautiful church pictured later 

the party afterwards was amazing

a few shots below


As husband and wife below

And proud mom

Love those horns

Mj and I I got picked up getting off the train in Sion.

Howe Burch and Me 

Party up above and me in Sion leaving below

The boys below 

other photos of the wedding 

The church they were married in below bad photo sorry