Geneva to Arbaz to Zermatt

Arrived in Geneva staying in the Metropole Hotel.  What a great town and great hotel on the water and the hotel exceeded your expectations with all the fine amenities. 

From Here they tour Lake Geneva by boat

After a few days later they leave Geneve by boat


Nice bot ride yea.  They leave for Montreaux stopping in Lausanne along the way.  After arriving in Montreux they take a train to Sion and go Arbaz, Switzerland to visit Chris Poletis . Chris and mom and dad below and they hiked around the village 


Chris’s home below


While there the drove to Montreua and passed an old walled in castle

and then went to visit the Chillon Castle and it is incredible


Chillon Castle is on the lake and here is a lake shot. From here they returned to Arbaz.  In Arbaz it is beautiful and they went to the tennis club 

Chris was in the finals of the tennis league and Chris could crush it 

and then went to Zermatt , home of the Matterhorn 

And they took the cog to the Gornergrat at the top below 

They stayed at the great Schonegg Hotel 


The toured the  no car town having no traffic, no crime and right in the middle of great hiking and skiing 


The town is very nice 

The town also has a great tennis facility

From here they took the train to Paris (see Paris tab under France)