Luzerne to Interlocken to Wegen/Jumgfrau, to Montreux/Luasanne to Sion to Andere for Chris Poletis Wedding

My mom ended in Zurich and took a train to Luzerne choking into the Hotel Waldstaetterhop, a very nice hotel and town. I joined her a few days later for the wedding of Chris Poletis 

From Luzerne

she took the steepest cog in the world to Mt Pitatus.

Near the top there is a hotel called the Pilatus Kulm Hotel 

From the top 

From the top above she took the gondola down

After a couple of days here mom took the train to Interlocken 


before rebounding the train to Wengen. Mom stayed in the Hoel Alpenruhe in Wegen before taking the train up the Jungfrau.  Some of the shots around town below

Mom took the train to the top of the Jungfrau where there is a little village and here is the top 


At the top there are ice caves below


From here mom and I travels to Lenk and stayed in the Lenkerhoff Hotel a very nice quaint hotel and town was perfect located all in the Alpine regions 

Here is Chillon below in Montreux

So now go to Chris Poletis wedding for some great photos from Sion and Anzere