From Paris my parents drove to a friends home in Presquile de Rhuys . After visiting with their friends they drive to Vanes a very nice town on the water

and walked along the old walled in part of the city. From here they drove to the USSE castle and it was amazing

They drove up to Brittany and visited to Concarheau a walled in small city it is 

From here they visited a very old town called Dinan

They also visit Quimper


From here they went to Le Mont St. Michel 

and inside the town were some shops

and from here they went to the Normandy beaches.  This is the site where 6 divisions landed in the greatest amphibious assault ever recorded in history. There are 9,386 Americans buried here 

Our dear friend Jim McDonalds brother died and is buried here 

From here they drove to Paris and flew home