We traveld to three areas in Greece for 14 days.  The first part of the trip was in Northern Greece in the small village of Arista in the Zagori municipal district near/in  the National Park of Vikos. Vikos was founded in 1973 and encompasses 33,000 acres comprised of lakes, rivers, mountains, deep canyons

and think forest.  

We stayed in a top hotel designated by National Geographic as a “Unique Lodge of the World”‘. It truly was a great hotel with great views, fine dinning on a stone patio, exquisite rooms and bathrooms and indoor sauna and pool. The Hotel is called Arista Mountain Resort and Villas. 

The lodge had great dinning and views 

And our rooms were exquisite and they had studies and the bathrooms were to die for 

During the day we rafted on friendly rivers through mountain passes 

we hiked abanded trials

on old stone bridges that led us to 

to remote waterfalls 

And John and Lou our traveling friends, hiked the Vikos Gorge the deepest gorge in the world. Please see tab on left for more detail 

We also biked on deserted roads to small villages and had fantastic lunches 


We Fly fished on beautiful rivers 

We also horseback rode along the river basin 

From here we took a large boat to the island of Syros 

where our dear friend Alexandria rented a top mansion overlooking the village below us 

This is where we met the group of friends from high School to: party, hike, wine and dine . The fine ladies and Gents below 

During the day we hiked the many trails on the island 

We hiked to deserted beaches for cocktails that had incredible sunsets 

we also enjoyed the pool in our mansion with cocktails of course


and at night we dined on fine cuisine and listened to great music


and listened to fine music – is that the Mr. “Fuss” in there 

and danced the night away

And closed the trip by traveling and staying in Athens and saw the many sites there like the Acropolis and the Mueseum 

Please see each post on left for more information about Arista, Syros and Athens. A few other shots below

Now that is what I am talking about biking, hiking, horseback riding rafting in the mountains above and below