We traveled by boat to Syros a magnificent island with few tourists. Syros is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea located about 90 miles south of Athens. The island is about 35 square miles with only about 20,000 inhabitants. We were close to the town of Poseidon and that was great as there were few people here and we had the mansion to ourselves and a few homes had their own private helipad – nice.

This is where our dear friend Alexandria rented a mansion on a hill over looking the village below.



It was here we met our group of high school and college buddies

to party around the pool – now how nice is that

The view from her rented home was simply beautiful


During the evening we would go out to wine and dine ourselves and had a few libations maybe a few to many .  The food was fantastic and the wine was awesome especially the price 


and the dancing fantastic to the band with our own “Mr. Fuss” playing away

Dancing the night away


During the days there we hiked and one day took a small boat to some deserted beaches .  Right at the back door was a great day hike to the top of the hill-mountain that had a cross upon it. The hike there was fun and exhilarating and again the views amazing. The mountain climbing up and looking back down The route up and the summit 

Another day the ladies led us men and here is the group at the start of the 3 mile hike

Some shots along the way






One day we hiked to a cliff with a lighthouse and climbed down the cliff to get these shots

Another day drove to this village on the sea we took a small boat to a deserted beach

and hopped on this small boat


and boated to a deserted beach


where our great captain set up a floating bar

and our group graciously took part in the tasting of the fine drinks

party on ladies

later on I went to climb the hill-mountain behind the deserted beach and it was really fun and about 3 miles in total


Looking down above and then we were treated to an incredible sunset after arriving back at the dock

A few photos