Louise’s Video on our trip 

We boarded the motor yacht in Manaus.   Manaus, on the banks of the Negro River in northwestern Brazil, is the capital of the vast state of Amazonas. It’s a major departure point for the surrounding Amazon Rainforest. Just east of the city, the dark Negro River converges with the brown, muddy Solimões River resulting in a striking visual phenomenon called the “Meeting of the Waters.” The combined tributaries form the Amazon River. We boarded the Tucano

it was a great boat with fine rooms below with private showers

With great fine dinning

During the early orange before breakfast  we would go kayaking from 6 Am to 8 Am


then after breakfast we would go hiking in the rain forest

being delivered to the shores on wooden canoes

we paddled through the most awesome reflections


The mirror of infinity below

Which was is up = awesome

Ok we would hike before lunch and saw incredible fauna and flora below

We saw incredible mammal life: river otters below



A Sloth below

Not my photo but we saw the bad ass snake

At night we saw cayman and during the day we saw a huge cayman . Not my photo below

birds nest below

We would visited a  village

also go fishing for piranha below

and enjoy incredible sunsets before dinner

various shots from boat

bats below

Finally reaching the meeting of the Rio Negro and Amazon and that is the white line between them