Galapagos, Santa Cruz Island

We flew from Quito to Baltra Island and then took a short ferry to Santa Crus island for 2 nights and then took ask a 3 hour boat ride to San Cristobal Island. While there we hiked, biked, snorkeled and surfed while staying in the incredible Royal Palms Hotel Galapagos. Here are photos and story below 

Santa Cruz Island below  

WE flew in to Baltra Island then took a quick ferry ride to Santa Cruz Island where we were shuttled to a GIANT I mean GIANT TORTISE perserve. Photos below   

From here we were transported to the incredible Royal Palms Hotel Galapagos (photos below )





Bike Ride 

One day we went for a 16 mile bike ride below 



One day we went kayaking below 


Checkout the sea Lion on the dock asleep below 


WE had lunch in the small town and there was a great church there as well 



The Church below in the small town was amazing and I went in and prayed

Saint Francis of Assisi above, my hero above as he loved animals and this is a church school that does a great job 

Another day we hiked and went in a Lava tube hike below 



Sugarcane Plantation below

We also visited a sugar cane plantation and watched them convert sugar cane into liquor below starting by crushing the sugar cane below 

Now Katie or Jessica can crush it as well below


Katie predicting the product below 

The final product below and as we were leaving the plantation I found the beautiful flowering plants two photos below 




Various shots on the island below 



Biking trail below