Hacienda Zuleta Estate

The Hacienda Zuleta Estate is an amazing hotel, a 4,000 acre working farm and a living museum. .  It was owned by the President of Ecuador and he hosted 2 or 3 presidents from the United States.  We arrived here by hiking about 6-8 miles in total this day on beautiful jeep trails below 

And we passed some small ad large farms along the way 

Arriving to their Hacienda below 

The rooms were fantastic and we had fine dinning below 

The Hacienda was filled with historical art work below 

and it had its won church and I went in to pray and give thanks for all I have below 


My room was awesome

From here we hiked over to the Condor center and to the point of an old Inca pyramid. The Condor has a wing span that can be 10 feet wide wow


The hike had visions of ecstasy below

The remains of the Inca Pyramid below 

then we hiked down to Inca Pyramid and the Condor Center below 


The condor center below and the manager gave a great talk about Condors.  Backroads supports this center immensely and this center helps to support Condor populations 


From here we rode horses or bikes back to the Hacienda for a great day of adventure