Aspen 2017

Our group from Baltimore 2017 below

We visited thee Snomass Monastery to pray and give thanks for all we have been given and to pray for those less fortunate, the poor and sick.

 Every night at the Hearthstone House we enjoyed cocktails and hors D’”oeurves and afterwards a theatrical, musical or intellectual production.  We went to the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. We were swept away by this company of 12 outstanding men from Algeria and Burkina Faso, as they deliver a jaw-dropping performance packed with backflips, head spins, and a transcending emotional intensity. Created by French-Algerian choreographer Hervé Koubi, What the Day Owes to the Night, is danced to an eclectic score including Johann Sebastian Bach, Hamza El Din & the Kronos Quartet, and traditional Sufi Islamic music. 
Snoopy theater production above and Aspen Institute talk below featuring leading Senators
During the day we biked to Independence pass: Chris, Steve and Bob (above) and to Ashcroft,  to Marron Bells and also Basalt. We would dine at Pine Creek Cook house at Ashcroft or the Riverside Restaurant at Basalt.  Dinning at the Riverside in Basalt below awesome on the river. 
D                   Winslow and Dixon at Ashcroft below followed by dinning at Pinecreek Cookhouse. Wow what a view of Ashcroft and the range of mountains
 Pinecreek Cookhouse above – what fine dinning and the view is to die for.  Below is Marroon bells below wow a mirror of nirvana.  Such a beautiful and serene place.  The following shot is of Julie mountain biking . We mountain bike at times going all the way to the Snowmass Monastery using the Monastery cutoff through the back country.  We all go in and pray give thanks for all we have.  You go Julie!!
w                            Julie mountain biking above and below we were hiking the Ute Trails with 3,200 feet of climbing to 11,300 feet below. We were surrounded by flowers below and on arrival had an incredible lunch while listening to a wonderful live music concert provided by the symphony and at other times country music or rock 
Surrounded by flowers on way to top above and then on Top of Ajax below, a 3,300 foot climb to 11,300 feet and going in for some grub below.  On top below kicking butt!!!!

Below is Lost Man Lake: One day we climbed to Lost Man lake. The trail (4.6 miles with 1,200 feet of elevation gain) begins with a moderate ascent along the nascent Roaring Fork River, passing pretty Independence Lake before topping out at panoramic Lost Man Pass (12,815-ft.). Beyond the pass the trail drops to picturesque Lost Man Lake then descends through beautiful meadows with great views of the Williams Mountains to Lost Man Reservoir and the lower trailhead on Highway 82, located 4-miles west of your starting point. Getting steeper below 

reaching the pinnacle below before heading down. Beautiful lake and surrounding mountains


Below is La Plata a 14,300 foot mountain with about 4,200 feet of climbing.  From the start at the trail head below, followed by various shots along the way and on the top as well. 

2   2   photos 2 up are Katie and Erin at the start  of the great adventure adventure for La Plata peak and then getting fairly steep on the next photo with Teresa kicking some butt. The steep terrain was occompied by some serious bouldering.  The group photo is  at about 12,500 feet with another 1,500 feet to go , followed by nice photos along the way and on summit. Great lofty goals and great trekking into the wilderness.
T                  Awesome photo above on way to the top.  Below the photos are on top of the:  The group, Trish jumping and Pat and Julie – you guys rock.
T Teresa coming down. An grueling 8 hour day you go! Coming down from summit of La Plata after a grueling 8 hour day wow just in time to Party.  Party Time in afternoon in Aspen “You Go Girl” and shots around town
Monastery below in winter
lost man below on the ice