Gettysburg, 2021

   We traveled up to Gettysburg to ride in the Civl War Century and went up a couple days early to enjoy the wonderful town. We have done this before staying in the Gettysburg Inn, a wonderful hotel but this time we stayed in the incredible Federal Pointe Inn and it was awesome below 

and our room was to die for 


Our Room above. While we were visiting Gettysburg we took a ghost tour in the evening and went to many of the places where “ghosts” have been spotted like at the Jenny Wade house 


Jenny Wade house above and Jenny wade below 

We went to many museums like the Shriver House Museum below and there were ghosts in one of them 

The Shriver Museum above and it was the center of thee Gettysburg Battle below

the battle lines above and the owner dressed in time

We went to the Lincoln Railroad Museum passing an active train

In many of the museums and our hotel there were incredible pieces of art work below 

Along the streets were incredible works of art below 


WE also went to but unfortunately missed a program at the incredible Majestic Theater below 

The next day we went to the Cyclorama  and incredible museum that has the largest painting which is 360 degrees and goes around the entire museum on the inside depicting the scenes of the battle as if you were in the middle of it 


Then we went into the museum and a few photos from there 

That evening we dined at the One Lincoln restaurant and it was awesome 

The following night we went to dine at the incredible Mansion House in Fairfield below 

We had an incredible dinning experience and this was a great trip .  The next day we rode past it in the Civil War Century


The Lincoln Train Stop below 

I will include the Civil War Century Ride in another blog