This was a great 45 mile bike from Taneytown to Gettysburg and then visited the historic towns of Union Bridge and Union Mills where we got a private PHD tour. We could have ridden over 100 miles but the focus was on historical monuments, and museums and the Antrim resort. Many parts of the Civil War Century go through these towns or close to them. We did the adventure with with Pat and Julie and we stayed in the incredible Antrim resort which is on the National Register of Historic places 

The Antrim below 

The Antrim is on the National Register of historical Places

The Antrum was just wonderful, beautiful and so elegant. Our bedrooms rooms were to die for with fireplaces and private balcony

The rooms in the mansion were so elegant below 

and the dinning was scrumptious 

The grounds were beautiful with tennis courts pool and beautiful gardens and statues 

Ok on to the bike ride.   We left the Antrim below 


and rode backroads passing over the Monocacy River a few time 

We crossed cool old bridges along the way and rode tiny backroads below 

On our way into PA below on small backroads 


Entering Pennsylvania and the Mason dixon Line below 


ok so now arrived in Gettysburg and what sights below 


Riding through the Battlefield below 

Other memorable historical markers below 

We arrived back to the Atrium below 


and the next day went to Union Bridge to the Train Museum, Union Bridge below 

From here we went to Union Mills which is a Historical National Landmark and our friends family T. Shriver has roots to the original family here. We had a Phd Tour and lecture at the museum .            Union Mills below  with Civil War history


Ok here is the town today 



The town has a a cool church and home below 

Back at the Shriver home and Mill it was amazing to take the tour and here are the photos below both inside and outside the structure 



I highly recommend visiting this area and these towns and staying the Atrium Taney