C.W.C. 2021

6A group of us went up to ride the Civil War Century: Robby, Ann, Adrian, Arden and me  

Adrian started early so not in photo . We went up a couple of days early an stayed in Gettysburg in the incredible Federal Pointe Inn and the hotel and rooms were to die for. 

We visited many museums like the Shriver House and we did a ghost tour 

And we did a ghost Tour visiting many haunted homes like the Jenny Wade house below

The town was filled with beautiful art work outside and inside

and the Cyclorama is just incredible, filled with museums and the most incredible paintings



So after a great couple of days in Gettysburg we went and did the Civil War Century Bike Ride with Rob , Adrian, Ann, Arden and myself.  I did the 106 mile ride with about 7,500 of vertical the others did the other rides like the 75 and 55 mile event

At the start of the ride above and then we rode through incredible country side

and then we went through Antietam

and then we rode to Gettysburg below 


and then as we started back to Thurmont we traveled over beautiful bridges below

along beautiful rivers below 

Another Bridge above and some shots below 






It took me 8:18 to do 106 miles = the added milage came from riding through battlefield taking photos