The area we rode bikes through  had many farms and plantations and we visited them (Redspokes was the vendor and did a great job )

following many rivers below

took us through the hinterlands and into the coffee and sugar cane plantations and farm lands.  The land was very verdant

and we passed many farms and farm animals

Small and large farms covered the landscape

One day we drove to a coffee plantation below

And after arriving over treachurous rods we learned about the coffee process: how to pick, clean, dry and then crush them. Going to pick the bean below

 Picking the bean below

then taking our fruits to crush in a grinder below

The grinder below

Then the beans dry below

Then we crush them

Then we brew the beans below

and back at the plantation we sit down to a full open coffee bar below

Then we headed home a great group

We also visited sugar cane farms and crushed the sugar cane and drank the “wine”


A sugar cane crusher below

Drinking the fruits of our labor below


The small towns we visited were all very cute with a center dominated by a Catholic church were about 80% say they belong to the church.  Everyday I went to church .  She photos below