Chile, Patagonia

Again this adventure was provided by Tierra Patagonia hotel and it was our base of operations and it exceeded our expectations. 

Torres del Paine has some of the world’s purest rivers and lakes. The region’s hydrographic system connects the waters from centuries-old glaciers through serpentine rivers and into beautifully clear lakes and lagoons. You can find Brown Trout, known for their striking colors, among Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Chinook Salmon, Atlantic Salar and local species like Peladilla. our adventure was managed and run by the vendor “Into the Wilda professional guiding service specializing in fishing and hiking.  our guide was named Gonzalo Bruna (below) and he was fantastic 

He was superb and was so experienced and took us to the best fishing spots. Come and fly-fish this unique experience in the heart of Patagonia with Gonzalo!  Ok so we drove from the hotel to this most amazing estancia called Estancia Las Cumbres. The sights along the way were incredible


We entered the the estancia’s property through gates 

After parking we hiked trails to the beautiful lake passing Lammas along the way



 Ok so we came to this most beautiful private lake on the Estancia LAs Cumbres and fixed the rods with great bait real and fake

started to fish 

Ron casting away 

Latching on to one

Bring in the fruits of thy labor 




Now Ron is the man and I slept quite a bit but , yes but I hit it big while sleeping 


other shots below