Montana, Bob Marshall Wilderness

No photos but we went by Horse and Mule to Elk hunt in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area with Gene Uderian as our guide and ham brown as the cook.  We went with Charlie Rudolphi and his father and my brother and dad. We left from horse site on the eastern side of the continental divide and crossed the ten mile stretch riding horses to reside in a base camp living out of tents.  We slept in tents and ate the Elk we shot and the fish I blew-up.  Yea I blew my 338 Mag. in the stream and the concussion killed about six trout and ham brown cooked them for us.  We also killed a lot of fools hen.  These things were so stupid, I just walked up with a pistol and shot them in the head and we ate them for dinner. I kill nothing now!!  It was awesome but no photos as it was back in 1973