Bermuda is an overseas British territory in the North Atlantic Ocean about 700 miles east of Cape Hatteras.  It has a large banking / finance and tourist based economy and is comprised of many small islands with Bermuda the main island. I traveled to Bermuda back in 1978 to dive, snorkel, play tennis and see the island. Because the island lays in the Gulf Stream it is humid and sub tropical with the most northern reef in the world. Over 200 square miles of coral reef surround Bermuda. Most of which is untouched. The average depths are between 30ft and 50ft. Lot’s of canyons, over hangs and tunnels are to be found. The bottom slopes gently until it eventually drops off into the abyss at around 300ft.

Bermuda offers some of the best shallow, tropical, reef and wreck diving in the Western Hemisphere. The wrecks are easily reached and for the most part in shallow depths (20ft – 50ft). The wrecks are all REAL sites, most of historical importance. They range in age from the “Sea Venture” in the 1600′s to the 1930′s luxury cruise liner. The wrecks of the Marie Celeste and Montana were confederate blockade-runners that helped in extending the American Civil War by supplying The South with essential arms and supplies. For me I was going to wreck dive the  (if I remember correctly) the Aristo.  The Aristo, a 250 foot long Norwegian Freighter, was carrying a cargo of gasoline drums, a fire engine and a steamroller. The wreck lies in 50 feet of water, with her bow coming within 18 feet of the surface.

Ok so I left the dive shop at about 10 Am and on our way to the wreck I saw a waterspout and that was very cool. We all had wet suits on and I remember seeing  the inside and smoke stack of the sunken ship at about 20 to 30 feet and then went downward.  It was very cool.  After this dive, I went diving from a beach entry site at the Princess Southampton hotel.  It was very nice and I swam / dove to the island off shore.  There was plenty of fish life.  I found a denison of the deep and the Natioanl Aquarium of Bermuda came out to see it.  It was one of those lantern fish that had floated up and was dying.  I wish I had more to say but that was 30 years ago.  I would recommend diving Bermuda, playing golf and tennis and just having fun. The Princess South Hampton was incredible.  I also went horseback riding at sunrise and we galloped on the beach wow this was awesome as well.  I would:  horseback ride, dive, snorkel, play golf and squash here.