Ok so on our around the world bicycle trip 1989 to 1991 we visited Fiji.  We did little biking some horseback riding

Mom is kicking it up

and what beautiful scenery above form a horse’s view!!

and then took a 75 foot sailboat out to Mana Island below.

Very cool Sailboat wow Arden is captain

Mana island below and I would recommend this

Here life was relaxed.  We drank the KAVA and our mouth went numb but felt no other effects.  So on to the diving.  One day I went on a drift dive and later in the day I went diving in a deserted Island near Mana.  Those dives were awesome.  I never saw another person and there was no bleaching at all.  The water was a little cloudy as it was filled with Plankton but I could still see easily to 30 or 40 feet.  Drifting with the boat was cool. We dove on a coral reef and saw all of the life associated with a reef.  Plenty of hard and soft corals.  Again this was 25 years ago so I did not have an underwater camera but I have included some shots from Fiji.  This is not my video below but you can see what it is like:


Below are photos from the trip around the world off of cards.  I had no camera but this is what I saw including one day a sea snake.  Cool!!