Ecuador, Galapagos

I did not have my underwater camera but here are photos from our snorkeling trip and we saw: sea lions, stingrays, huge sea turtles and tons of fish . Just photos below

we took at 3 hour boat ride from Santa Cruz Island to San Cristobal Island and we all took naps on the ride 

and we landed in San Cristobal 

and went to the great Golden Bay Galapagos hotel with great rooms below,

fine dinning and perfect location and great views below  from my room.  Our group dinning together in the small quaint town below

Upon landing in the town we were greeted by Sea Lions and they owned everything and it is alive just sleeping on the benches and so on 

The town is small and beautiful 


and the town has beautiful flowering trees and lines the coast line 

We took a boat to go hiking and snorkeling, the boat ride below .  

once we reached the island to go snorkeling we hiked to the start of snorkeling on great trails and saw many birds and The hiking was great with some great views below 

Along the way we passed many incredible birds


Ok when we finished hiking we went snorkeling. I have combined the snorkeling photos from 2 locations below.  Getting the wet suits on 

Entering the amazing ocean below


And once we entered the ocean, we were surrounded by Sea Lions, sea turtles, sting rays and fish. I did not have my underwater camera but here are the seals on the sand below 

Stingrays below 


Photos below of town