Nancy Cushman Impact Award

This award was established by Bob Travers and it was created to acknowledge those that have impacted squash at the highest levels.  It is named after Nancy Cushman who has impacted squash like no one else.  She opened squash to the public, she has hosted almost every squash event in Baltimore, she has run and created the junior program and she hosts squashwize.  So the Impact award is named after Nancy Cushman pictured below.  

The first recipient was Nancy Cushman 9pictured below) and then in 2019 Abby Markoe was inducted for her Squashwize program and Peter Heffernan for his incredible impact on junior squash, the programs he created and for his service to the MSSRA.  

2017 : Nancy Cushman 

2019: Abby Marco and Peter Heffernan

Abby below


2019:  Peter Heffernan 



photos from party below which include Hall of Fame photos and outstanding Achievement award photos