Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award was created by Jim Hense and administered by Robert Everd.  The basics of the award is to acknowledge those that outperform by volunterring their time, money and energy in the management leading to the success of the MSSRA.  Since 1907, a long line of volunteers have worked for the good of Maryland State Squash.  They foster and manage squash raquets in Maryland.  All share the mutual commitment to give back to the game that has enhanced the lives of many.  Because of them squash has prospered in MAryland.  The Outstanding Achievement Award acknowledges these faithful stewards of the game.

1993 Robert Everd

1994 Sam Silber

1994 Tommy Schweizer

1995 Haswell Franklin, Jr.

1996 T. James Hense

1997 Robert H. hicks

1998 Nancy Cushman

1998 Frank Cushman

2002 Robert Travers =  hey that is me wow I bribed someone quite well

2002 John Voneiff = the Captain

2005 Robert S. Gaines, Sr.

2005 Vaughan E Schmidt

2007 Margaret Riehl

2008 Bob Everd = 2 times recipient for over 30 years of service

Photos below

Photo Library - 1840

John Voneiff and Bob Gaines above
Photo Library - 1842

Bob Everd and BOb Gaines above

Photo Library - 1837

Bob Gaines trying to pick up Vaughan above

Photo Library - 1829

Nancy Cushman and Bob Travers above partying like rock stars= a lot of Bob’s did some volunteering


Mike Riehl standing in for his mother, Margaret Riehl = wow Mike can party


All the outlaws above