Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame was created by Robert Travers and John Voneiff when they were acting officers of the MSSRA back in 1999.  Here is a list of the reciepients

1998: Eugene O’Connor, George Doetsch, James J. Lacy, Joseph Lacy, William Lamble, Alexander Martin and Tommy Schweizer.

1999: Nancy Cushman was inducted she is also the recipient of the MSSRA outstanding achievement award.

2001: G. Diehl Mateer, Jr., Thomas Poor, Michael Pierce, Morris Clothier

2003: Douglas C. Rice

2005: Raja Riaz Arshad, Jervis Finney, Alva P. Weaver, T. James Hense, jr.

2007: Patrick Miller

2008: Joseph Fitzpatrick, Jr., Geoffrey Ewing Kennedy

2011: Dave Bennett, Andrew Cordova, Narelle Krizek

2014: Paul Assaiante, Albert C. Hubbard, Gilbert Brien Mateer, David Jonathan Rosen and Lissen Thompson Tutrone and photos follow

2016:  Stanley Dorney, John Voneiff, Robert Travers

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