Hall of Fame Award, 1997

The Hall of Fame was created by Robert Travers and John Voneiff when they were acting officers of the MSSRA back in 1997.  The first inductee ws Ambassador William H. G. Fitzgerald and the ceremony was held at his home in 1997 and then a large group of 7 individuals were inducted in 1998. Here is a list of the recipients

1997: William H. G. Fitzgeral

1998: Eugene O’Connor, George Doetsch, James J. Lacy, Joseph Lacy, William Lamble, Alexander Martin and Tommy Schweizer.

1999: Nancy Cushman was inducted she is also the recipient of the MSSRA outstanding achievement award.

2001: G. Diehl Mateer, Jr., Thomas Poor, Michael Pierce, Morris Clothier

2003: Douglas C. Rice

2005: Raja Riaz Arshad, Jervis Finney, Alva P. Weaver, T. James Hense, jr.

2007: Patrick Miller

2008: Joseph Fitzpatrick, Jr., Geoffrey Ewing Kennedy

2011: Dave Bennett, Andrew Cordova, Narelle Krizek

2014: Paul Assaiante, Albert C. Hubbard, Gilbert Brien Mateer, David Jonathan Rosen and Lissen Thompson Tutrone and photos follow

2016:  Stanley Dorney, John Voneiff, Robert Travers

2018: Patrice Cromwell, Doug Hoffberger, David Talbott, Mark Talbott, Jim Zug

2019: Vaughan Schmidt, Denis Bourke, Elizabeth Ann Everts

See induction ceremony on the tabs to the left for photos and other info

Denis above and Liz below – you go

Vaughan induction below wow Denis looks quite happy – 

BELOW:  All the ladies that rule squash below. 

ABOVE:  Vaughan Schmidt being inducted with Liz Everts in 2019, and Lissen Tutrone, Nancy Cushman and Patrice Cromwell were inducted in prior years. Front row is Liz Everts, Nancy Cushman and Patrice Cromwell.  In the second row is Vaughan Schmidt, Nancy Wolf, Abby Marco and Lissen Tutrone and they all rule the world of squash. (Nancy Wolf and Abby are not in the Hall of Fame but Nancy Wolf was inducted into the Robert Everd Outstanding achievement award and Abby was inducted into the Nancy Cushman Impact Award )

BELOW:  Helen Lacy (in red) representing her husband who was one of the first nominated into the Hall of Fame 

 Scooter Dorney below 

Scooter Dorney above and John and I below 

Paul Assiante being inducted below 

Paul Assiante above and A. C. Hubbard being indicted below

A.C Hubbard above and Doug Hoffberger being inducted below

Doug above and Gilbert Mateer being inducted below

Gilbert above and Lissen Tutrone below being inducted

Lissen above and Dave Rosen below

Dave Rosen  above and Doug Rice below after induction

Doug Rice above after ceremony and Riaz Arshad below after ceremony = yes he always kicked my you know what

Jim Hense and Nancy Cushman below both are recipients of the Hall of Fame and many other awards 

Pat Miller and Jim Hense are both recipients of the Hall of Fame 

In the photo below it is of the Fitzgerald Cup Team, e regional team challenge of Baltimore versus Washington. In it is Dave Bennett, Doug Rice , Denis Bourke, Jervis Finney, Riaz Arshad, all members inducted into the hall of Fame “o” including me

All theree pictured below are in the Hall of Fame:  Doug Rice, James Zug and Sandy Martin , they are so awesome I humbly bow down and shine their shoes  

Various photos from the parties and of squash players and the ladies that rule


Various photos below