I traveld with Arshad Malik from Islamabad where he lives in a magnificent home (the station is probably Rawalpindi ).  I have a lot of stories wow way cool

another map of area below


We traveld by train to Peshawa and it was great traveling rather than driving.

We traveld up there to go into the tribal areas where guns rule

So before the tribal areas we disembarked and walked about 4 blocks to this “Safe House” which was about 3 walled in “compounds”  away from the United States Consultant  and in it were some cool “quiet” things.  Military with listening and high tech telecom equipment  = cool it was.  The military was our safety blanket that allowed us into the tribal area.  Also this cool company a private vendor that does “US AID” work and what do they do they were buying back stinger missiles from the war lords and the company (so not to get sued) is DA- yea they have palatial offices and were trying to buy them back from Hekmatyar and the others we had supported.  The day I left Pakistan the Taliban made their move into Kandahar from Pakistan .  So we got some good shooting in including my mom

Our team above. There is a train from Peshawar to Torkham but I am not certain it was working.  So, from here we drove into Afghanistan at Torkham and then back in up the road a bit and drove all the way to the Chinese border and back through where Osama Bin Ladin would later take up home in Abattabad.  We drove one block off where his home would later be .  Trains are great here I would use them and go all the way through IRAN that was our dream but it was cut short due to Hepatitis “A”.  I visited the King in Gilget by just showing up on his door.  I was not granted a meeting with him until the next day so we had to go but he had a very large and magnificent compound