Me IN NEPAL ABOVE on Annapurna circuit  and Ismael hooked to me on Cotopaxi Ecuador  below



Swiss Haute Route

Killmanjaro above and Illinza and Cotopaxi below

Me above on Cotpaxi at 19,700 and Arethusa Falls below and then skiing around Tukermans Ravine 





Love climbing, hiking and trekking. Just being in the mountains and feeling the nip of the cold air sting your face draws you back every time.

On Aconcagua our thermometer stopped at 25 below but it was colder. The storm moved in and it was big, 100 MPH winds and cold. It sounded like a freight train outside and it was pummeling the tents. One exploded and blew away. Our breath crystallized and fell back on our face. Sparks flew from my watch and it became illuminated yet it can’t. When I went inside my sleeping bag sparks illuminated the emptiness. Two guys froze on an earlier expedition and were still there.

On Kilimanjaro a guy died camping next to us from a massive MI and in Nepal this guy from England died from cerebral edema at 18,000. I had to go to the embassy and let them know what happened.

Have climbed in Nepal, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua. This spring to climb then ski down Orizaba and next year climb and ski Muztagata in Afghanistan China border at 25,500 feet

Love being in the wilderness you can feel the presence of God. Moses, Jesus and Mohammad all went to the wilderness and were enlightened. Monastic religious people find spirituality in the wilderness as well I can tell you there is something there