La Plata 13,350

La Plata is the 5th highest peak in the Rocky mountains in the United Sates at 14,350 .  It is more difficult than Mt. Elbert and Castle peak (ones we have done before) as it has more bouldering and the trail can disappear at time.  In our group, only 55% made the summit and 30% got lost – our group below

It was a long arduous 4 hour climb up and 4 hours down for a total of 8 hours being out there.  The group that got lost was out there for like 9-10 hours .  The mountain above and the line we took from route 82

From the trail head at route 82 we started.  We had to scramble across a stream on a bridge made of logs below . A fall in would not have been good.

Katie and Erin at the start going strong below

We had to climb through some steep switchback   below

Teresa into the steep below


The group resting at about 12,500 feet with about 1,700 more feet to go



Photos from the top of our group below: Trish, Ellen and Scott, Pat and Julie, Trish and Jay and Teresa and I coming down



And Teresa and I coming down after an 8 hour day just in time to “party” yes “party up”


some shots of party time