Best Books

Books to Read

Trinity                                    Curious Case of Sid Finch      West With The Night

Shogun Slaughterhouse Five                Lonesome Dove

Tiapan                                     Cat’s Cradle                            Accidental Tourist

Cold Mountain            Last Days of Summer             Hotel Pastis

Three Musketeers The trilogy- the Hobbit           Hotel Honolulu

Origin of Species The Fountain Head                 Anil’s Ghost

Orwell’s, 1984                                    East of Eden                           Mosquito Coast

Mash                                       Rebecca                                   Undaunted Courage

A Separate Peace                    The Source                              Killer Angels

Catch 22                                  The Red and The Black          Hound of Heaven

Rise and Fall of Third Riche       Lord Jim                              My Cousin Rachel

The Hajj                                  Huckleberry Finn                    Harry Potter

Pillars of Earth                        Wurthering Heights                Celestine Prophecy

The Long March                     Les Miserables                        Voyage of the Narwhale

Pride and Prejudice                 Gungadin                                Into Thin Air

Nicholas and Alexandrai        The Name of the Rose                        Tropic of Cancer

Churchill, the Last Lion          Cider House Rules                  Mr. Chips

Arabian Sands                          The Alhambra                        Snow Falling on Cedar

Lee, the Last Years                 Don Quixote De La Manche Electric Kool-Aid Acid Trip

The Greatest Generation         Mysterious Island                   Red Tent

The Last of the Mohicans       Tales from the Arabian Nights   Atlas Shrugged

The Greatest Generation         All of H.G. Well’s                  Some of All Fears

Through the Looking Glass    Madame Bouvary                   Incredible Sickle

Life of Samuel Johnson          Tess of Durberville                  A Time to Kill

The Whole Shebang                Great Expectations                 Travels with Charlie

Papillion                                  The Secret Garden                  Brides Head Revisited

The Politics of Heroin             Moby Dick                              6 Wives of Henry 8th

Narcissi and Goldman            Sidhartha                                 Bridge Across Forever

The Bourne Identity               Candide                                  Lee, the Last Years                 Heart of Darkness                           Ishmael                           Memoirs of a Geisha

Vietnam a History by Karnow            Christmas Carol          A Farewell to Arms

Edgar Allen Poe, Stories         The Bible, Book of Job           MBB of Avalon

Adventures Sherlock Holmes Catcher in the Rye                  The Pelican Brief

Jane Eyre                                 Of Mice and Men                   Sailing Alone Around World Practice of Presence of God   Seven Story Mountain  Big Rock Candy Mountain

Clive Cusler’s Books              To Kill a Mockingbird            Liars Poker

Robinson Crusoe                     Doctor Shiva goes                   Blue Highways

Sometimes A Great Nation     The Story of B                                    In Search of Snow Leopard

Brave New World                   Honor Balzac                          On The Road

Rare Earth                               Fingerprints of the Gods         Sometimes A Great Nation

Therese Libieux, Biography    Animal Farm                           Atlas Shrugged

Hart Of Darkness                    French Men’s Creek                The Color of Water

Bon Fire of the Vanities         Beau Geste                              Ya Ya Sisterhood

Lolita                                       Intimidation                            Tuesdays With Morrie


Blindness                                Mating                                     Ragtime

The Great Railway Bazaar      Nobody’s Fool                        Rabbit at Rest

A Walk in the Woods             Anna Karenia                          Song lines

Remains of the Day                Changing Places                      Coasting

Dictionary of the Khazaks      Saint Maybe                            Bobos in Paradise

Pilgrim Stories             of Love and Other Demons    Essential Rumi

Midnights Children                 The Thorn Birds                      Winning Through                Les Miserables                                     Sylvester The Magic Pebble       Wind, Sand and Stars

Mawson’s Will                        Breathing Lessons                   Worst Journey in World

To Timbuktu                           The World According to Garp            Unexpected Light

Chasing the monsoon              Around the World in Eighty Days     White Spider

No Picnic on Mount Kenya    The Shining Mountain            Desert Solitaire

Endurance                               Another Green World             Sailing Alone Around World

Cowboys in the Snow             To hell and Back                     Touching the Void

Mountains of my Life             Artic Dreams                           Tracks

Running the Amazon              Young Men and Fire               Great Plains

A Walk in the Woods             Old Glory                                That Old Ace In the Hole

The Siege Of Shangri-la          Himalayan Odyssey                Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Drop City                                When Smoke ran Like Water              Winter World

Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered To Do It              The Big Nowhere

Last Judgment                                    Black Cherry Blues                 Gio Ho Hand

Animal Farm                           1984 George Orwell               Catch 22

To Kill a Mockingbird            One Hundred Years of Solitude         Wild Swans

Trainspotting                           The Lord of the Flies              Great Gatsby

The Wind in the Willows        The Hobbitt                             The Outsider

Midnight’s Children               The Lion, Withch and the Wardrobe              The Trial

A Clockwork Orange              Sons and Lovers                     The Wasp Factory

To the Lighthouse                   Charlie and Chocolate Factory           Beloved

Possession                               A Passage to India                  Watership Down

The Name of the Rose                        Love in Time of Cholera         Rebecca

Birdsong                                 Unbearable Lightness of Being          Brideshead Revisited

Dune                                       Perfume                                   The Bell Jar

Master and Margarita              Tales from the City                 French Lieutenant’s Woman

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin     Zen and the Art of —–           Room with a view

The Power and the Glory        The Stand                                All quiet on Western Front

Matilda                                    A Brief History of Time         James and Giant Peach

Bonfire of vanities                  The Rainbow                           2001 Space Odyssey

Horse Wisperer                       Things Fall Apart                    Old Goriot

Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable                                   Decameron

The Stranger                            Journey to End of Night         The Idiot

Jacques and the Fatalist and His Master         The Brothers Karamazov

Middle Men                            Absalom, Absalom                  Gypsy Ballads

Dead Souls                              The Tin Drum                          The Old Man and The Sea

The Castle Bohemia                Devil to Pay in Backlands      Hunger


A Dolls House                                    Book of Job                            Recongnition of Sakuntala

Sound of Mountain                 Sons and Lovers                     Independent People

The Art of War                       Diary of Madman & other Stories

Book of Disquiet                    The Orchard                            Remembrance of Things Past Blindness                                             Season of the Migration to the North

Ramayana                               The life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy

The Aeneid                             Leaves of Grass                      War and Peace

Memoirs of Hadrian                The Science of Mind               The Essential Rumi

As a Man Thinketh                 Life teaching of the Masters of the Far East

Tao Te Ching                          Women Who Run with the Wolves

Atlas Shrugged                       Way of the Peaceful Warrior              Road Less Traveled

Conversations With God        The Alchemist                         The Prophet

Ishmael                                    Peace is Every Step                 Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The Little Prince                     Stranger in Strange Land        Siddhartha

The Seat of the Soul               Celestine Prophecy                 Return to Love

Bleak House                            The Sound and the Furry        Confederacy of Dances

Omeros                                    Dubliners                                 My Life as a Dog

Babbit                                     War and Peace                                    Midwives

Body Guard of Lies                Kim                                         Rolf in the Woods

And Quiet Flows the Don      Island Of the Blue Dolphin    The Endurance

The Da Vince Code                The Five People                      Angles and Demons

The Rule of Four                     A Salty Piece of Land                        The Kite Runner

The Devil in the White City    The Wedding                          Trace

The State of Fear                    The Lovely Bones                   Red Rabbit

Four Blind Mice                      Chicken Soup for Mothers Soul

Empire Falls                            The Beach House                    The Kiss

Black House                            Dream Catcher

Day Late Dollar Short                        The Baer and The Dragon       The Great Gatsby

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man                                Lolita

The Sound and the Furry        Catch 22                                  The Way of All Flesh

Under the Volcano                 1984                                        Slaughterhouse Five

Invisible Man                          A Passage to India                  Wings of the Dove

The Good Soldier                   Animal Farm                           A Handful of Dust

A High Wind in Jamaica         Lord Jim                                  Tobacco Road

Darkness at Noon                   The Plains of Passage              Four Past Midnight

The Burden of Proof               Memories of Midnight            Message form Nam

The Stand                                Lady Boss                               The Witching Hour

September                               A life on the Road                  Scarlet

The Sum of All Fears              Needful Things                       No Greater Love

Heartbeat                                The Doomsday Conspiracy     The Firm

Night Over Water                   Remember                               Den of Thieves

Under Fire: An American Story         Gerald’s Game            Jewels

The Stars Shine Down            Waiting to Exhale                   Mixed Blessing

It Doesn’t Take A Hero: The Autobiography                         The Cli


Bridges Over Madison  County          Vanished                     Lasher

Nightmare and Dreamscapes  Without Remorse                    Pleading Guilty

Slow Waltz at Cedar Bend     Scorpio Illusion                       The Chamber

Debt of Honor                                    The Celestine Prophecy          The Gift

Insomnia                                 Wings                                      Accident

Disclosure                               Men are From Mars                 The Book of Virtues

Rainmaker                               The Lost World                       Five Days in Paris

The Christmas Box                 Lightning                                Rose Matter

Silent Night                             The Horse Wisperer                Executive Orders

Airframe                                  The Regulators                        Malice

Primary Colors                        Cause of Death                       The Tenth Insight

Cold Mountain                        The Ghost                               The Ranch

Special Delivery                      Unnatural Exposure                The Best Laid Plans

Pretend You Don’t See Her   Hornets Nest                           The Royals

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil                             Into Thin Air

Rainbow Six                                       Bag of Bones                          A Man in Fall

Mirror Image                           The Long Road Home                        Paradise

Point of Origin                        All Through the Night                        Greatest Generation

Tuesday’s With Morrie           Talking To Heaven                  Pirates Look At Fifty

The Covenant                          Rage of Angels                       Firestarter

The Spike                                Cosmos                                   Nobel House

Pol Pot: A Nightmare             Mao: The Unknown Story      Wild Swaans

The Story of Tibet, Conversations with the Dalai Lama

The Works of Kings, New Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Confucius: The Analects         Navy Seals: A Complete Story

Mark of the Lion                     Sky Burial, Xinran                  Hostage

The War of the Worlds Murder   China Hands          The Last True Story I will Ever Tell

Adventures of Augie March               All the Kings Men      Lights in August

American Pastoral                   The American Tragedy           Lolita

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe        Loving             Animal Farm

Appointment in Samarra         Are you there God? It’s me    Lucky Jim

The Assistant                          Atonement                              Beloved

Berlin House                           The Man Who Loved Children           The Big Sleep

Midnights Children                 Money                                     The Moviegoer

Natures Son                            Blind Assassin                                    1984

Brideshead Revisited              Blood Meridian                       Neuromancer

Never Let Me Go                    The Bridge of San luis Rey     Call it sleep

Pale Fire                                  The Painted Bird                     On the Road

Clock Work Orange                Passage to India                      Possession

Portnoy’s Complaint               Play It As It  Lays                  Power Of Glory

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie           Dance to The Music of Time

Day of the Locust                   The Corrections                       Death In a Family

Handfull of Dust                    The Son Also Rises                 Golden Notebook

French Lieutenant Woman     Revolutionary Road                Dog Soldiers



Great Plains                             Great Railway Bazaar             Hindoo Holiday

Impossible Country                 Corelli’s Mandolin                  In Patoginia

A Year In Provence                One Hundred Years Of Solitude        The Emperor

Endurance                               Eothen                                     Exterminate All the Brutes

Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas         The Fearful Void        From A Chinese City

Chasing the Monsoon       Down and out in Paris and London         Chasing the Sea

Down the Nile: Alone in a fisherman’s Skiff             India: A Million Mutinies Now

In Trouble Again                     Iron and Silk                           The Lyrcian Shore

Letters from Egypt: A journey on the Nile                             The Long Walk

Maximum City:  Bombay Lost and found                             London Prceived

The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches     Old Glory

The Pillars of Hercules            Riding the Iron Rooster          The Places in Between

The Nomad: Diaries of Isabelle Eberhardt                 Road to Axiana

The River War: Historical Account of Reconquest of Sudan                        Siren Land

Sea and Sardinia                     The Songlines              Slowly Down the Ganges

Shah of Shahs                         A Barbarian in Asia                Bitter Lambs of Cyprus

Seven Pillars of Wisdom         Horns of a Dilemma                The Caliph’s House

The Odyssey            The LLiad     OEdipus Rex           The Aeneid

The Book of Job         Inferno         Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Confessions by Augustine