The Seven –ups                       A Clockwork Orange

Day of the Jackal                    Dances With Wolves              The Wild Geese

The Flight of the Phoenix       Lawrence of Arabia              The Tamarind Seed

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid      Brave Heart                 Pulp Fiction

Good the Bad and The Ugly          Patton                                The Wind and the Lion

Bridge over the River Kwai     Sheltering Sky                      Band Of Brothers

Men of Honor                         Platoon                                The Usual Suspects

Chariots of Fire                         Raging Bull                             Reds

Deer Hunter                            Blue Velvet                             Catch 22

Mash Service                                    Gone With the Wind              Exodus

Officer and a Gentleman        Little Big Man High Noon            The Godfather

Scar Face                             Shaw Shank Redemption

Seven Years in Tibet               India Kingdom of the Tiger       Pan’s Labyrinth

Goodwill Hunting                   Dirty Dozen                     Bridge over the River Kwai

Black Swan                         Saving Private Ryan             Empire of the Sun

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon     Great Escape            Where Eagle Dare

Das Boot                             Battle of Algiers                     Farewell my Concubine

Way of the Dragon           Ran Seven Samurai                   Devdas

Aguirre, Wrath of God         House of Flying Daggers     Night Watch

Catch Me if You Can           Hunger Games                       Lone Survivor

The Hobbit                       Django Unchained               Inglorious Bastards

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind                           Kill Bill Gladiator                           Avatar

No Country Old Men          Chronicles of Narnia     Gold Finger

Full Metal Jacket           Run Lola Run                    One Flew Over Cuckoo Nest

Being John Malkouvich        African Queen                        Ben Hur

Casa Blanca                            Gone With the Wind              Force Ten of Navarro

French Connection                  Gladiator                                 Apocalypse Now

Mad Mad World                     Moonstruck Psycho                                     Five Easy Pieces

Carnal Knowledg                   MASH                                    Downhill Racer

Dawning of the Dead            Gladiator                                 Payback

Braveheart                        The Matrix                              Autumn in New York

A Knight’s Tale Bound                                     Dream Girls                             Departed

Conspiracy Theory                  Entrapment                             Apollo 13

The Lion in Winter                  Lionheart                                 Man for All Seasons

The Six Wives of Henry 8th       Lady Jane                                Madness of King George Edward the King

The Queen                               Hard Boiled Comrades               Almost a Love Story

Chungking Express            The Heat of the Sun Ashes of Time

A Brighter Summer Day         Flowers of Shanghai Swordsman 11                  Vive L’Amour

Bus 174 Deliver Us from Evil               Blood Simple                         

Shichinin no Samurai                   Cidade de Deus

Letters From Iwo Jima            C’era Una Volta il West                The Matrix

Leon                                        Treasure of Sierra Madre           Requiem for a Dream

Hotel Rwanda                         Reservoir Dogs                  Rashomon

Sjunde Inseglet                       Blade Runner                        The Great Dictator

Cool Hand Luke                     Finding Nemo                      The Killing Fields

Battaglia di Algeri                  Mystic River                   Hotaru no Haka

In the Heat of the Night         Manhattan Kumonosu Jo              Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Planet of the Apes                  The Incredibles                       Ran A Nous La Liberty

The Apostle  Babel                                      Catch 22                                  La Ceremonie

Chicken Run                           Syriana                       Dangerous Liasons

The Day of the Jackal             Empire of the Sun                   Five Easy Pieces

Hair                                         The Hustler                    In Cold Blood

Klute                                       Knife in the Water            The Last Emperor

The Last Seduction                 Little Big Man                Longest Day

Passion of Anna                      Patton                             Point Blank Red

Serpico                               Wings of Desire            Year of Living Dangerously

Twelve O’Clock High             Seven  Days to Noon              Saving Private Ryan

Reds                                        All About Eve                         Vita e Bella

Patriot Strangers on a Train                Blade Runner                          Old Boy

Amores Perros                         Mystic River                       The Thing

Sling Blade                             Ikiru Seppuku                                  Suna no Onna Yojimbo

Spartacus Solyaris                                   The Man Who Would be King           Armacord

Mash                                       Hotaru no Haka                      The Last Emperor

Crimes and Misdemeanors      Tonari no Totoro                     Spinal Tap

Dip Hyut Shueng Hung          Ferris Bullers Day Off            Blues Brothers

Letters From Iwo Jima            300                                          The Lion in Winter

Matewan                                 The Longest Day                    Band of Brothers

Lonesome Dove                      From Earth to the Moon         Rich man Poor Man

Shogun                                    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Ballada o Soldate                    Armee des ombres                  Idi I Smotri

Treasure of Sierra Madre        The General                    In Cold Blood

Seppuku                                  Obchod na Korze                   Paths of Glory                         The Pianist

The Painted Veil                     Paris, Je Taime                        The Queen The Birds

Last King of Scotland            Lives of Others                     Pan’s Labyrinth

Blood Diamond                     Flags of Our Fathers               Volver

A Good                           Year Apocalypto                             Curse of the Golden Flower

The Great Debate                Perfume: The Story of a Murderer                                          Fearless