Love Story

The Great Gatsby                                The Sting                                 Dr. Shivago

Out of Africa Forest Gump                       The Tamarind Seed

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid                  Chocolate

Passage To India                                           Brave Heart

The Wind and the Lion                          Sheltering Sky                  Reds

Sound of Music                                  On the Beach                  The Way We Were

American Beauty                                 The Graduate Exodus

Officer and a Gentleman                     Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

House of Flying Daggers                     Gladiator

Avatar                                                Casa Blanca                            Gone With the Wind

Braveheart The Lion in Winter                  Lionheart                   Man for All Seasons

The Queen                                    Hard Boiled                      Comrades Almost a Love Story

Chungking Express                    The Heat of the Sun Ashes of Time

A Brighter Summer Day                Flowers of Shanghai                    The Last Seduction

Passion of Anna                                Reds                                        Purple Rose of Cairo

Lonesome Dove                            From Earth to the Moon         Rich man Poor Man

Anan Karinenia                               The Water Diviner