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Our Mottos are: 1. Never ever, ever quit, 2. it is better to win than to lose, 3. no one is ever left behind- no matter what, 4. When in deep, never retreat, only go deeper, 5. If you are not engaging life or striving in some quest and in some pain and suffering in that quest then you are not living 6. since we were born to die it is far better to engage life to the fullest mentally, spiritually and physically and suffer tremendously than to sit around drinking on some beach wasting ones day and finally 7. it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tied at all.

We embrace (CHIPS): Commitment to ones Goals, Family and Friends; Honesty and Integrity without reproach; Performance at the highest levels and Service to ones community

Courage: is a wonderful attribute to have. Fear not, nor tremble. Go into the abyss and seek out your demons. Bring the violence of the sun to bear on your enemies on the hard land of winter and slay them all until the rivers run crimson with their blood. When you hold the head of the beast on high for all to see and all pledge alliance to you, then you can hold your head high and sail through the window behind the stars and walk upon a new country – one with white sandy beaches a dark green county and one with a swift sunrise – and then you will live in eternities sunrise

VOLUNTEER: We do not believe that it is the government’s job to take care of the people. We believe it is the responsibility of individual, the family and direct community to care for its own. Individual responsibility is key to a healthy society. Therefore, our primary goals have been to give back to our community in everything we do by helping others to reach their potential or alleviating pain and suffering by volunteering time and by raising funds for various diseases, the sick and the poor. To that extent, we have helped raise, generate and or given over $1,300,000.00 to various charities over the past ten years. We have served on these boards or committees: Historic Hampton, Towson YMCA, Maryland State Squash, Baltimore Country and Maryland Clubs. We raised over $200,000 for the Maryland State Squash Racquets Association, were on a team for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and thanks to Bruce Clealand our team raised over $1,000,000 over 7 years and Arden was the number on fundraiser for a Climb @ $20,000 , and Arden raised significant funds for The Susan B Kolman Brest Cancer society. We also on a much smaller scale support: John Hopkins, shock Trauma on a yearly basis. For the poor: We bought 2 houses in Africa through Catholic Charities and volunteered at 2 medical clinics in Nepal and India for a day and delivered medical packages to a hospital in Africa. In addition we volunteered to teach math at the Korean Church and Towson University’s Teaching lab for a semester.We raised these funds by running, skating, climbing and fundraising by reaching certain goals in our endeavors. Love peace and happiness go a long way. Our goal is to help people to reach their potential and to help researchers find new drugs and cures for diseases.

Role of Government: We believe it the responsibility of the individual to take care of themselves and not the government. The role of the government in this should be zero. Today to many people look to the government for solutions, answers and financial and emotional help. The Role of Government in a free society is to adjudicate the problems that arise over externalities and property rights and to protect its citizens from the people, entities and the government itself. It’s job is to establish the rules and regulations in which people will conduct business, enabling people to freely exchange goods and services. Its job is to provide a militia to protect its sovereign borders and citizens. Basically we need to close about 3/4 of our government and return, sell or privatize many of Government owned assets to the people themselves.

The Government is not the answer but it is the problem

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I can be contacted at:

There is some incredible helpful information on my web site. One can find listings of the World’s best: **Hotels, **Resorts, **Tour, Guide and Cruise companies, **Adventures by Activity to name a few. The information is also broken down by * Countries visited, *Activity done in those countries as well as * Cultural adventures.

Conflict and War: I have been to areas in conflict and war and I have gone to interview War Lords and heroin kingpins in: Burma, Afghanistan and Pakistan tribal areas. I have a some friends with security clearances and they freaked when they saw my web page because of terms I used, the stories I wrote and the photos of the guns as well as the heroin labs I photoed.

Ok, so to all and any of you, do not freak or worry about the web page or my writing. I love to write about the things I saw in war torn areas of the world like: Afghanistan, Pakistan and the insurgencies I saw like the Maoist Movement in Nepal and Gurkha free movement in Northern India. I also write about the WarLords I met and went to Interview like Khun Sa in Burma and Alfridi on the Paki-Afghani border as well as my interview of the General that led the counter Insurgency of the Shinning path in Peru. These stories are not unique as I love to read books and stories and watch movies about apocalyptic and war scenarios.

So, my blog is to help provide a wealth of knowledge about adventure travel and to help deliver knowledge to the traveler wannabes and to help create a desire to travel and generate travel ideas and helpful information. Do not fret or worry about my stories as that is what I saw.

This is a fun site and hopefully you will have fun visiting it .


I can be contacted at:

Growth of Administrative State

One of the problems of the administrative state is that they always seek to extend its reach and magnify its power both in the country where it governs as well as abroad over time. In the later case, by force projection with the aid of the military. The administrative state, just as it is of all living organisms, seeks to grow their in power. The state by regulation and law. Governments become like the tentacles of a huge Denison of the Deep that weave their way into our lives with the outcome being: loss of life, liberty, freedom, happiness and ultimately sovereignty.

This growing need for power is an intrinsic feature of a system where administrative law and regulation replace or encroach on individual freedoms.

I have been worried for many years of the continued growth of power of and the corresponding regulation imposed by our government. In addition we have seen the growth of law enforcement personal and related agencies and its use by the administrative government with an ever increase in law enforcement power with the consequences of the loss of rights, liberties and sovereignty of the individual.

Why and how does the government seek to grow its power? This is because the government and all living things:

(1) Seek to grow its power base through regulation and law

(2) And disseminating propaganda in that it is the government’s mission to elevate the welfare of the community (for the good of the people) over the rights and liberties of the individual does it.

Therefore, the task today is to confine the federal government to those few tasks and delegated powers awarded it and letting the sovereignty of the people reign and this is an urgent political task. This can be accomplished by political opposition and through the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can be used to adjudicate cases in which administrative laws overstep their constitutional boundaries as well as other conflicts. Political opposition is another way and the advent of the TEA Party –(Sarah, she is cute and if I were single I would ask her out) – has real merit as they seek to limit Government’s power and return sovereignty to the people. This is a key concept and they have risen to power because of the frustration of the individual over the loss of his rights and liberties. I totally think this movement has come about because of the love of the independent spirit of the true American.

Only in a free society in which the laws and government protects the person from others, and the government itself and in which the governments job is to adjudicate externalities and disputes and to create laws for the protection of private property and provide for a National defense can one be free.

One of the problems in a democratic society that I have always worried about (just as Thomas Jefferson did) is the majority can elect individuals that enact laws that take from the minority and then seek to have those laws and taking of assets justified. So that has been what has been happening: (1) the government or administrative state has been growing and strengthening its laws and taking from the productive individuals and then transferring to others – destroying life, liberty and for some this is tantamount to living under and kind of tyranny – yes tyranny.

Live free or die trying !!!

Mom in Afghanistan above Freedom Fighter and in Cuba (below) in the 1950 yea she is bad ass

Personally, I see the greatest challenge to limited government in:

1. The growth of the administrative state through law and regulation and the police state and

2. The growth of Individuals that are looking to the government for answerers, help and solutions.

* We see this in that about 50% of the population does not pay taxes and

* More than 15% of the general population is receiving some type of welfare social benefits.

I ask you where is self-responsibility? When I grew up, responsibility for ones self, ones family and community reigned. Today many look to the state for answers. So again where is self-responsibility? This is another story, which was destroyed by the federal government. Listed below are some starting points.

I am a libertarian. Unless you are a blood sucking leach and live off of the dole, the government is not the answerer. For the hardworking individual, the government at best is an unwanted partner at the worst it is your nightmare. The conduct of Government in a free society should be as follows.

Role of Government:In a free society the role of the government is to protect its citizens from the people, entities and the government itself. The Governments job is adjudicate externalises and the conflicts that arise over externalises and property rights. It’s job is to establish the rules and regulations in which people will conduct business, enabling people to freely exchange goods and services. Its job is to provide a militia to protect its sovereign borders and citizens. Basically we need to close about 3/4 of our government and return, sell or privatize any assets to the people themselves.

These are some of the functions I would implement.

The Government is not the answer or solution but the opposite it is the problem