We traveld on the Viking River Cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow seeing all the wonderful sites and I would recommend using Viking River Cruises.

The sites to see in Moscow are amazing and include (photos below), the Kremlin and all museums in there, , St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, attending a ballet at the Bolshoi, Lenin’s Mausoleum, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, The armory, Pushkin Museum of fine Arts, Taking a tour of the river and metro.

Beautiful tour of the River

Tour of rivers above and Lenin’s Tomb below



Tour of Lenin’s tomb above and walking tour of Moscow business district below

Business distric above and it was so nice the shops and stores and buildings and St. Basil’s cathedral below

St. Basil’s above and CAthedral of Christ below

The Kremlin below

The Kremlin above and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior below

St. Basil’s below

St. Basils’ above and the Bolshoi below


The Bolshoi above and below

Shot at evening (like 11 PM) of Moscow’s sky line

Our Russian friends below


Would highly recommend Viking River Cruise for this adventure and some shots of the boat below


and a great time was had by all